Saturday, October 25, 2008

Видео парада

Homecomers Parade at Purdue

Парад в Purdue University 24 октября 2008 г. в 8 часов вечера. Мы прошлись от аэропорта почти до самого центра вместе с парадом.

Friday, October 10, 2008

У Оксаны

Мы также сходили в гости на ужин к моей подруге Оксане - на ее новую квартиру. Мы сидим на кожаном диване и нам очень приятно после ужина в итальянском стиле с французским вином и итальянским ликером.

У семьи Соловьевых

Мы остановились на две ночи в семье Веры и Жаргала Соловьевых в городе Фэрфакс, штат Вирджиния, что в 45 минут езды на метро от центра Вашингтона. На фото мы обедаем вместе с семейным дуэтом Клавдии и Германа Хатылаевых, актрисой Саха Театра Марией Осиповой, профессором Университета Джорджтаун Маджори Балзер. На обед у нас был жаркое по-якутски, керчех и чай с молоком по-якутски.

Chinatown Experience

Chinatown experience happened to me during travelling from NYC to DC on October5, 2008 with my friend Valentina from Siberia. We bought two tickets for the bus of 2000 Century Company thinking we would have the bus at 7:00 PM from Chinatown in NYC. By having finihsed dinner at Malaysian restaurant, Valentina and I went to our bus stop to wait the bus to DC. We have been waiting for almost an hour and half - looking for any buses to DC. Nothing. We decided to walk a little bit and we were surprised finding the bus at another corner of same street. We run to the bus thinking we had our tickets and reserved seats on that bus - when we asked a driver about the seats it turned out that there was no seats for us. We missed this bus. We stayed and asked when next bus is - at 8:00PM. All buses went every hour. We waited at the same place we caught the last bus. We have been waiting for an hour and half until we decided to walk along the street onto opposite side. Can you imagine our surprise when we saw the bus to DC at quite another opposite side of the same street. But the bus went to Phila not to DC. We started searching the bus to DC - after half an hour we found it!!! At another and quite opposite side of different street - not the same street. Be careful when you travel by Chinese buses. You can miss your bus - search all corners of the street.

West Lafayette, Indiana

Valya, Ivan and Larissa at their apartment in West Lafayette, IN on September 30, 2008 when Valya arrived in the USA.

Lafayette, Indiana

Valya and Ivan are on shopping at the Mall in Lafayette, IN on October 2, 2008

The White House in Washington, D.C.

Valya and Larissa in Washington, DC (The White House), October 6, 2008


Valya and Larissa in NYC on October 4, 2008 - the Statue of Liberty.

Lunch in D.C.

We had lunch at Kinkead's, 2000 Pennsylvannia Avenue near GWU in Washington, D.C. on October 6, 2008
Susan, Ginny, George, Christine, Larissa and Valentina (Oksana left earlier)